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If you are looking to expand your reach in the Asian market and considering the inclusion of Cambodia in your expansion strategy, CASICO is your ideal partner. With over 25 years leading the international trade industry and recognized as an authority in the field of foreign trade, our expertise is especially relevant in the emerging Cambodian market. From our offices in Cambodia, we offer specialized services ranging from strategic consulting to operational management, tailored to the unique characteristics of this developing market. We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions and expert advice to successfully navigate the complexities of trade and investment in Cambodia, ensuring that your company not only penetrates, but also thrives in this dynamic environment.

Markets: Asia. China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar

CASICO specialises in commercial representation, market introduction, business development, market research and prospecting, trade missions and agendas, company implementation, strategy, marketing plans and, in general, any service necessary for a company in its international growth, both offline and online.

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